Lee B. Macht

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The process of deinstitutionalization began almost unnoticed in 1955 as state hospital populations started to decline, and it proceeded without adequate planning and without development of a social consensus. The inevitable result was strong criticism, severe personal dislocations, and, with rare exceptions, programmatic chaos. The authors trace and(More)
Training in community psychiatry is becoming an integral part of psychiatric residencies. This paper outlines the contribution to such training of Job Corps centers, serving as teaching laboratories in community psychiatry. As the only national training program for disadvantaged adolescents, Job Corps operates 123 centers across the country. Each center(More)
Regulators have a major opportunity to enhance the community care of former state hospital patients through their power to authorize additional general hospital psychiatric beds. The authors propose a series of clinical criteria for such regulators based on a review of state hospital admissions. These include provisions for patients who have chronic illness(More)
Psychiatrists and statewide health coordinating councils are products of widely disparate cultures, yet they share the goal of providing the highest quality patient care, and to achieve it they must work together. The author describes the functions of statewide coordinating councils, the cultural influences that make it difficult for psychiatrists and(More)