Lee-Ann Klein

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Diminishing right ocular visual acuity for three weeks in a 30 year old man was confirmed by examination. Bilateral scotomata and bitemporal hemiachromatopsia indicated a chiasmal lesion; reduced visual acuity and Marcus Gunn pupil of the right eye and left relative temporal hemianopia indicated asymmetric involvement. Erythrocytes in the CSF verified a(More)
RATIONALE Progressive midlife weight gain is associated with multiple adverse health outcomes and may represent an early manifestation of insulin resistance in a distinct subset of women. Emerging data implicate hyperinsulinema as a proximate cause of weight gain and support strategies that attenuate insulin secretion. OBJECTIVE To assess a previously(More)
In three experiments with sixty 3- and 6-month-olds, we examined whether operant and visual-preference measures of retention are equivalent. Infants learned to move a mobile by kicking and then received a paired-comparison test with the familiar (training) mobile and a novel one. Kicking above baseline was the direct measure of retention, and longer looking(More)
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