Lee A. Berry

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The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) is widely used to document the prevalence of depression in suffers of chronic pain and in research designs about this population. Williams and Richardson (1993) initially posed the question, "What does the BDI measure in chronic pain?". Results from their study found 3 independent constructs, which differed somewhat from(More)
Fast Wave (FW) studies of mode conversion (MC) processes at the ion–ion hybrid layer in toroidal plasmas must capture the disparate scales of the FW and mode converted ion Bernstein (IBW) and ion cyclotron waves (ICW). Correct modeling of the MC layer requires resolving wavelengths on the order of k ⊥ ρi ∼ 1 which leads to a scaling of the maximum poloidal(More)
This study examined the relations between depression and demographic, pain-related, and work-related variables in 254 chronic pain patients. Regression analyses were conducted, initially by category (i.e., demographic, pain-related, and work-related), and finally a comprehensive regression analysis was performed, containing the significant independent(More)
The MMPI basic validity and clinical scales' patterns of 295 White-, African- and Latino-American pain patients were compared. Mean group differences across ethnic groups on scales L, F, K, Mf, and Si were revealed in multivariate analysis of covariance for females, while differences across ethnic groups on scales F, K, Mf, Sc, Ma, and Si were revealed for(More)
0021-9991/$ see front matter Published by Elsevie http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jcp.2012.05.016 ⇑ Corresponding author. E-mail addresses: berryla@ornl.gov (L.A. Berry), e iter.org (D. Samaddar), lraul.sanchez@gmail.com (R. Parareal is an iterative algorithm that, in effect, achieves temporal decomposition for a time-dependent system of differential or partial(More)
A two-dimensional integral full-wave model is used to calculate poloidal forces driven by mode conversion in tokamak plasmas. In the presence of a poloidal magnetic field, mode conversion near the ion-ion hybrid resonance is dominated by a transition from the fast magnetosonic wave to the slow ion cyclotron wave. The poloidal field generates strong(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the extent to which gender differences in the expression of depressive symptomatology exist among chronic pain patients. SETTING A multidisciplinary pain center affiliated with a state medical school in the southern United States. PATIENTS A total general sample of 245 patients with heterogeneous chronic pain complaints randomly(More)
The aim of this study was twofold: (1) to test the ability of normal children to discriminate the speech of children with repaired cleft palate from the speech of unaffected peers and (2) to compare these naive assessments of speech acceptability with the sophisticated assessments of speech pathologists. The study group (subjects) was composed of 21(More)
Successful simulation of the complex physics that affect magnetically confined fusion plasma remains an important target milestone towards the development of viable fusion energy. Major advances in the underlying physics formulations, mathematical modeling, and computational tools and techniques are needed to enable a complete fusion simulation on the(More)