Leduo Zhang

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The particle swarm optimization was applied in BP neural network training. It reasonably confirms threshold and connection weight of neural network, and improves capability of solving problems in realities. Meanwhile, PSO-BP neural network is applied into classification of fabric defect. The method of orthogonal wavelet transform was used to decompose(More)
Gatekeeper T790 M mutation in EGFR is the most prevalent factor underlying acquired resistance. Acrylamide-bearing quinazoline derivatives are powerful irreversible inhibitors for overcoming resistance. Nevertheless, concerns about the risk of nonspecific covalent modification have motivated the development of novel cysteine-targeting inhibitors. In this(More)
Aberrant c-Met activation has been implicated in multiple tumor oncogenic processes and drug resistance. In this study, a series of imidazo[4,5-b]pyrazine derivatives was designed and synthesized, and their inhibitory activities were evaluated in vitro. Structure-activity relationship (SAR) was investigated systematically and docking analysis was performed(More)
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