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A novel algorithm, the k-means clustering algorithm based on immune genetic algorithm (KMCIGA) is put forward. To improve the Genetic operators, the conception of concentration in the immune algorithm and the dynamic chromosome coding are used. Strategies and methods of selecting vaccines and constructing an immune operator are also given. KMCIGA is(More)
In view of agricultural information and communication environment of the status quo, based on the principle of government-led push forward. In this paper, in order to build a city-led information service center to districts and counties for the backbone network of services, information services to the township for assistance, information services to the(More)
The intellectualized agriculture synthesis information integration gateway is the agricultural informationization system integration key technologies equipment. The agricultural synthesis information integrates gateway's architecture was proposed, and the main modules function of software and hardware were given, besides we analysised data attributes and(More)
A network platform scheme targets the Zigong City’s characteristic agriculture is designed, which is according to the actuality of characteristic agriculture, the requirements of Comprehensive Information sharing ,and the status of city’s network topology. In the scheme, many solutions are given out, such as the network architecture, distributed data(More)
The spread of information terminal is one of the bottlenecks of agricultural information development. Based on the analysis of various means of communication in agriculture, using MTK embedded development platform and taking TTS technology as core, the design framework for the agriculture information intelligent terminal has been propounded, the new(More)
Agricultural informatization is the basis for the modernization of agriculture, at present there are many different ways of construction and models in agricultural information systems. Agricultural informatization for the Theory and Application of the status quo, a comparative analysis of a typical agricultural information system, agricultural information(More)
Intelligent video tracking technology is the digital video processing and analysis of an important field of application in the civilian and military defense have a wide range of applications. In this paper, a systematic study on the surveillance video of the Smart in the agricultural tracking, particularly in target detection and tracking problem of the(More)
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