Lebowitz Bergmann

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The ABL rule is derived as a tool of standard quantum mechanics. The ontological significance of the existence of objective probabilities is discussed. Objections by Kastner [preceding article] and others to coun-terfactual uses of the ABL rule are refuted. Metaphysical presumptions leading to such views as Kastner is defending in her Comment are examined(More)
The first measurement of the charged-particle multiplicity density at midrapidity in Pb-Pb collisions at a center-of-mass energy per nucleon pair ffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi s NN p ¼ 2:76 TeV is presented. For an event sample corresponding to the most central 5% of the hadronic cross section, the pseudorapidity density of primary charged particles at(More)
Probable and possible MS cases with a debut during the years 1950-1964 within the city of Gothenburg were identified (312 cases). This corresponds to an incidence of 5.3 per 100,000. The material was stratified according to diagnostic probability into three categories. For the final analysis cases with the lowest diagnostic probability were omitted (about(More)
Ropinirole is a non-ergoline dopamine agonist with medium elimination half time, which has been licensed for the therapy of idiopathic Parkinson syndrome in mono- and add-on therapy for more than 10 years. Since 2008 a prolonged-release formulation has been available in Germany, which can be taken once daily. This formulation results in less plasma level(More)
17 patients out of a total of 93 treated for primarily pure absence-epilepsy experienced secondary grand mal-seizures and eeg of 8 patients showed a grand mal-disposition (irregular s-w). These 25 patients, compared with the remaining 68 patients, attended more frequently a special school for mentally retarded children, their marks were worse, they left(More)
Different developments (good n = 8, poor n = 15 and very poor n = 27) in 50 former patients with infantile myoclonic seizures are compared with findings from the acute phase of the disease after 11.1 +/- 4.1 years. It has been confirmed that it is sensible with regard to intellectual development to distinguish idiopathic (very seldom) and symptomatic cases(More)
Clinical electro-encephalography and especially the simultaneous recording of EEG values and other physiological parameters can greatly contribute to investigations into the neurophysiological aspects of sleep disturbances in patients suffering from attacks. In the case of absences peak potentials have been found in all phases of sleep, with a reduction in(More)