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Splicing of the Mycobacteriophage Bethlehem DnaB Intein
Inteins are single turnover enzymes that splice out of protein precursors during maturation of the host protein (extein). The Cys or Ser at the N terminus of most inteins initiates a four-stepExpand
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The Deinococcus radiodurans Snf2 intein caught in the act: detection of the Class 3 intein signature Block F branched intermediate.
Inteins are the protein equivalent of introns. They are remarkable and robust single turnover enzymes that splice out of precursor proteins during post-translational maturation of the host proteinExpand
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NMR structure of a KlbA intein precursor from Methanococcus jannaschii.
Certain proteins of unicellular organisms are translated as precursor polypeptides containing inteins (intervening proteins), which are domains capable of performing protein splicing. These domains,Expand
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Alcohol and aging: From epidemiology to mechanism
Abstract Alcohol is one of the most widely encountered drugs in the world and is credited with a wealth of health interactions. Light to moderate regular consumption (14–28 g daily) can promote heartExpand
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