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BACKGROUND There is a paucity of research on the relationship between parental knowledge, parenting and parenting self-efficacy, and some inconsistencies have been reported in the literature. METHOD Parent knowledge of effective parenting strategies was assessed among 68 parents from a non-clinic sample, who also completed questionnaires relating to(More)
Improving the knowledge, skills, and confidence of parents is often the aim of parenting-focused public health strategies and parenting programs, yet research on parental knowledge is limited compared with research on other parenting variables. In this study, a nonclinical sample of 62 parents of children aged 2-3 years was assessed for knowledge of child(More)
BACKGROUND Very preterm birth (<32 weeks gestation) is associated with motor, cognitive, behavioural and educational problems in children and maternal depression and withdrawal. Early interventions that target parenting have the greatest potential to create sustained effects on child development and parental psychopathology. Triple P (Positive Parenting(More)
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