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OBJECTIVES We aimed to assess journal authors' current knowledge and perceptions of open access and author-pays publishing. DESIGN An electronic survey. SETTING Authors of research papers submitted to BMJ, Archives of Disease in Childhood, and Journal of Medical Genetics in 2004. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Familiarity with and perceptions of open access(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore authors' attitudes towards open access publishing and author charges, their perceptions of journals that charge authors, and whether they would be willing to submit to these journals. DESIGN Semistructured telephone interviews. PARTICIPANTS 28 randomly selected international authors who submitted to the BMJ in 2003. RESULTS(More)
BACKGROUND Peer reviewers are usually unpaid and their efforts not formally acknowledged. Some journals have difficulty finding appropriate reviewers able to complete timely reviews, resulting in publication delay. OBJECTIVES AND METHODS A survey of peer reviewers from five biomedical journals was conducted to determine why reviewers decline to review and(More)
CONTEXT Many journals give authors who submit papers the opportunity to suggest reviewers. Use of these reviewers varies by journal and little is known about the quality of the reviews they produce. OBJECTIVE To compare author- and editor-suggested reviewers to investigate differences in review quality and recommendations for publication. DESIGN,(More)
Science is based on experimentation and data. Yet ironically the publishing of science has been largely based on faith, not study. The evidence based movement is transforming medicine, so why shouldn’t the same thinking now transform publishing? At the BMJ Publishing Group we are taking a scientific approach to our own work, in pursuit of our vision of(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the management of vaginal discharge in general practice, with particular regard to the use of the high vaginal swab (HVS), and to compare GPs' expectations of this test with the processing and reporting undertaken by different laboratories. METHODS A postal questionnaire survey of 2146 GPs in the North Thames area and postal(More)
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