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BACKGROUND Debate is intensifying about how to assess the full range of impacts from medical research. Complexity increases when assessing the diverse funding streams of funders such as Asthma UK, a charitable patient organisation supporting medical research to benefit people with asthma. This paper aims to describe the various impacts identified from a(More)
BACKGROUND Non-adherence to corticosteroid treatment has been shown to reduce treatment efficacy, thus compromising asthma control. AIMS To examine the experiences of treatment side effects, treatment concerns and adherence to inhaled (ICS) and oral corticosteroids (OCS) among people with asthma and to identify the degree of concordance between clinician(More)
More than 100,000 people have participated in controlled trials of statins (lowering cholesterol drugs) since the introduction of lovastatin in the 1980s. Meta-analyses of this data have shown that statins have a beneficial effect on treated groups compared to control groups, reducing cardiovascular risk. Inhibiting the HMG-CoA reductase in the liver,(More)
This review presents seven national asthma programmes to support the European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership in developing strategies to reduce asthma mortality and morbidity across Europe. From published data it appears that in order to influence asthma care, national/regional asthma programmes are more effective than conventional treatment(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify research priorities for Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine. DESIGN Prospective surveys and consensus meetings guided by an independent adviser. SETTING UK. PARTICIPANTS 45 stakeholder organisations (25 professional, 20 patient/carer) affiliated as James Lind Alliance partners. OUTCOMES First 'ideas-gathering' survey: Free(More)
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