Leanne McIntyre

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The prevelance of antibodies to Toxocara canis was determined in 113 veterinary personnel from 22 animal clinics. One hundred and fourteen adult hospital in-patients served as controls. All participants completed a questionnaire supplying personal data and specifies regarding animal exposure and dog ownership. Antibodies to Toxocara were detected by enzyme(More)
In order to assess measures taken by airlines to protect the health of crews on refugee flights, a survey was made of airlines involved in transporting Indochinese refugees from Southeast Asia. Five of the 20 airlines surveyed provided sufficient data for analysis. Combined, the five airlines transported approximately 2,500 refugees on more than 100(More)
Eighty-nine patients infected with Entamoeba histolytica, non-pathogenic amoebae or Trichuris trichiura were studied prospectively to determine the safety and efficacy of diphetarsone therapy. An additional 75 patients were studied retrospectively to assess further the efficacy of diphetarsone in the treatment of E. histolytica cyst passers. Side effects(More)
AIM To investigate the safety of orally administered calcium formate in dairy cows fed adequate amounts of good quality pasture. METHODS Twelve mixed-age pasture-fed lactating dairy cows were randomly allocated to three groups (n=4 cows/ group). Group 1 served as untreated controls. Group 2 was treated orally with 400 ml of 13.4% (w/w) calcium as calcium(More)
In March 2011, rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) was suspected in a 1-year-old male neutered lop-eared rabbit that had acute onset liver failure. Gross pathology, histopathology, immunohistochemistry, partial nucleic acid sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of the major capsid protein (VP60) and animal inoculation studies all supported this diagnosis making(More)
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