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We give a general formulation of a non-Gaussian conditional linear AR(1) model subsuming most of the non-Gaussian AR(1) models that have appeared in the literature. We derive some general results giving properties for the stationary process mean, variance and correlation structure, and conditions for stationarity. These results highlight similarities and(More)
A controlled evaluation was made of the efficacy of copper-silver ionization in eradicating Legionella pneumophila from a hospital water supply. Copper-silver ionization units were installed on the hot water recirculation line of one building with water fixtures positive for Legionella species. Another building with the same water supply served as a(More)
The recent 3 yr Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe data have confirmed the anomaly concerning the low quadrupole amplitude compared to the best-fit Lambda-cold dark matter prediction. We show that by allowing the large-scale spatial geometry of our universe to be plane symmetric with eccentricity at decoupling or order 10(-2), the quadrupole amplitude can(More)
The development of stochastic investment models for actuarial and investment applications has become an important area of interest to actuaries. This paper reports the application of some techniques of modern time series and econometric analysis to Australian inflation, share market and interest rate data. It considers unit roots, cointegration and state(More)
The gravitational field produced by a domain wall acts as a medium with spacetime-dependent permittivity ε. Therefore, the fine structure constant α = e 2 /4πε will be a time-dependent function at fixed position. The most stringent constraint on the time-variation of α comes from the natural reactor Oklo and gives | ˙ α/α| < f ew × 10 −17 yr −1. This limit(More)
In this paper we investigate Charged Domain Walls (CDW's), topological defects that acquire surface charge density Q induced by fermion states localized on the walls. The presence of an electric and magnetic field on the walls is also discussed. We find a relation in which the value of the surface charge density Q is connected with the existence of such(More)
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