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The urinary excretion of soya isoflavones and gut microflora metabolites was investigated in infants and children who had been fed soya-based infant formulas in early infancy. These infants and children were compared with cows'-milk formula-fed controls, to determine at what age gut microflora metabolism of daidzein to equol and/or O-desmethylangolensin(More)
Functional foods enriched with folate may be beneficial as a means of optimizing folate status in consumers. We recently developed novel eggs enriched with folate through folic acid supplementation of the hen's feed, but their potential to influence consumer folate status is unknown because the natural folate forms incorporated into the eggs may not(More)
Advancing age can be associated with an increase in cognitive dysfunction, a spectrum of disability that ranges in severity from mild cognitive impairment to dementia. Folate and the other B-vitamins involved in one-carbon metabolism are associated with cognition in ageing but the evidence is not entirely clear. The hypothesis addressed in this study was(More)
The potential protective roles of folate and the metabolically related B-vitamins (vitamins B12, B6 and riboflavin) in diseases of ageing are of increasing research interest. The most common cause of folate and riboflavin deficiencies in older people is low dietary intake, whereas low B12 status is primarily associated with food-bound malabsorption, while(More)
BACKGROUND vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in older adults living in Northern Europe and is influenced by several factors which may vary significantly with age. OBJECTIVE we aimed to investigate the determinants of 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] in older Irish adults and in particular to examine the effect of supplement use and surrogate markers of sun(More)
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