Leandro dos Santos Machado

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Lectins are multivalent proteins with the ability to recognize and bind diverse carbohydrate structures. The glyco -binding and diverse molecular structures observed in these protein classes make them a large and heterogeneous group with a wide range of biological activities in microorganisms, animals and plants. Lectins from plants and animals are commonly(More)
Bacterial resistance is a major threat to plant crops, animals and human health, and over the years this situation has increasingly spread worldwide. Due to their many bioactive compounds, plants are promising sources of antimicrobial compounds that can potentially be used in the treatment of infections caused by microorganisms. As well as stem, flowers and(More)
The emergence of bacterial resistance to conventional antibiotics has been become a major issue in the health system. Currently, studies are being performed to develop new drugs that can replace conventional antibiotics. These new drugs include the antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), a heterogeneous group of molecules produced in a variety of bacterial,(More)
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