Leandro de Haro-Ariet

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—The increasing interest in MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) systems has given rise to a proliflc research activity in recent years. Both theoretical and practical issues have been studied. However, so far few MIMO testbeds or prototypes have been built for DVB-T or future standards. In this paper, a novel 2x2 MIMO testbed speciflcally designed for(More)
This paper proposes several configurations for multiple base stations in indoor MIMO systems and compares their performance. The results are based on channel measurements realized with a MIMO testbed. The receiver was moved along several routes and floors on an office building. Both outdoor and indoor locations are considered for the transmitters or base(More)
The capacity (the maximum number of users per sector that the system can support) and the interference statistics (expected value and variance) of sectors composed of cigar-shaped WCDMA microcells are studied. A model of 5 microcells is used to analyze the uplink capacity and interference statistics. The microcells are assumed to exist in rural zone(More)