Leandro Silva da Costa

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The metabolic resources crucial for viral replication are provided by the host. Details of the mechanisms by which viruses interact with host metabolism, altering and recruiting high free-energy molecules for their own replication, remain unknown. Sindbis virus, the prototype of and most widespread alphavirus, causes outbreaks of arthritis in humans and(More)
Dengue virus infection affects millions of people all over the world. Although the clinical manifestations of dengue virus-induced diseases are known, the physiopathological mechanisms involved in deteriorating cellular function are not yet understood. In this study we evaluated for the first time the associations between dengue virus-induced cell death and(More)
After viral infection and the stimulation of some pattern-recognition receptors, TANK-binding kinase I (TBK1) is activated by K63-linked polyubiquitination followed by trans-autophosphorylation. While the activated TBK1 induces type I interferon production by phosphorylating the transcription factor IRF3, the precise molecular mechanisms underlying TBK1(More)
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