Leandro Rodrigues Britto

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of radiographic periradicular radiolucencies in endodontically treated and untreated teeth in patients with and without diabetes. STUDY DESIGN The records of 30 subjects with diabetes and 23 control subjects attending the Endodontic Graduate Clinic at the University of Florida,(More)
The loss of nigral dopaminergic neurons typical in Parkinson’s disease (PD) is responsible for hyperexcitability of medium spiny neurons resulting in abnormal corticostriatal glutamatergic synaptic drive. Considering the neuroprotective effect of exercise, the changes promoted by exercise on AMPA-type glutamate receptors (AMPARs), and the role of(More)
The present paper analyzed the acquisition and maintenance of key pecking reinforced with food by pigeons with massive ablation of telencephalon structures (detelencephalated pigeon). The subjects were adult pigeons maintained at 80% of their free feeding weight. Expt. I analyzed the acquisition of key pecking by 3 previously detelencephalated pigeons and 3(More)
This study assessed the effectiveness of different concentrations of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), 2% chlorhexidine (CHX) (Vista Dental Products, Racine, WI), and BioPure MTAD (Dentsply Endodontics-Tulsa Dental, Tulsa, OK). Intracanal contents were collected from 10 patients diagnosed with chronic apical periodontitis. The samples were cultured on(More)
Studies have shown significant bacterial leakage following exposure of sealed root canals to artificial and natural saliva. The objective of this study was to determine contamination via bacterial migration in artificial saliva in endodontically treated teeth using different obturation techniques and sealers. A total of 144 extracted, human mandibular(More)
This study compared the apical leakage of roots obturated with gutta-percha using either a dual-cure resin based cement (Panavia F) or an epoxy-resin sealer (Thermaseal plus) with or without the application of an acidic primer (ED Primer). Eighty-six single rooted canine teeth were decoronated, cleaned, and shaped by using hand and rotary instruments,(More)
The aim of this study was to describe an interdisciplinary approach for endodontic therapy of behavior-challenging children and to report the efficacy of sedation techniques for these procedures. Sedation records of thirty-two patients who received root canal treatment were reviewed. Age at treatment in months, gender, year of treatment, tooth type, status(More)
A comprehensive understanding of tooth development, etiology, and pathogenesis of pulp and periradicular tissues supports the underlying principles for endodontic treatment. Innovative therapies apply biological modulators that have been identified during tooth and bone embryogenesis and later became cloned for experimental and clinical application. These(More)
The author investigated the influence of efferent projections of visual telencephalic areas upon the optic tectum, in locally anesthetized, paralyzed and artificially ventilated pigeons, using extracellular unit recording and electrical stimulation by means of stereotaxically implanted bipolar electrodes. Despite the fact that some neurons located at(More)