Leandro Lorenzett Dihl

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—This paper presents a novel patch-based approach for object tracking robust to partial and short-time total occlu-sions. Initially, the original template is divided into rectangular subregions (patches), and each patch is tracked independently. The displacement of the whole template is obtained using a weighted vector median filter that combines the(More)
This paper describes the Intelligent Virtual Teaching Environment (IVTE) implementation. IVTE software uses the newest technologies to develop educational software. Technologies like Multi-Agent Systems, Virtual Reality, Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Distance Learning are being used in it. The paper gives emphasis in reactive agents model and(More)
Estimating human pose in static images is challenging due to the high dimensional state space, presence of image clutter and ambiguities of image observations. In this paper we propose a method to automatically segment human subjects in images, based on dominant colors, and given the face captured by a face detector. The posture is estimated using a 2D(More)
This paper presents an approach for object tracking based on multiple disjoint patches. Initially, the target is subdivided into a set of rectangular patches, and each patch is represented parametrically by the mean vector and covariance matrix computed from a set of feature vectors that represent each pixel of the target. Each patch is tracked(More)
This article describes an algorithm for automatic calibration of embedded cameras used in driver assistance systems. The proposed method employs a lane detection algorithm to obtain road boundaries, and relies on the expected projection of the road in image coordinates to determine the parameters for the projective mapping. Such parameters are obtained(More)
Computer graphics applications require models which are crafted by hand, requiring skill and time. In architectural applications an automated system that converts 2D floor plan images into 3D building models can be used to lower the modeling cost, and in video games procedural algorithms can be used to generate content, including cities, buildings and floor(More)