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This work presents new tactile sensing chips consisting of 4 × 4 array of POSFET touch sensing devices (or taxels) and 4 diodes to measure contact temperature. In the new version presented here, the tactile sensing chips have been fabricated using CMOS technology. Both, the individual taxels and the array are designed to match spatio-temporal performance of(More)
A complete front-end system for resistive gas sensor array is presented. The system is composed by a substrate temperature control circuit and by a read-out circuit. The temperature control allows maintaining a 100/spl deg/C temperature gradient selected in the temperature range [150/spl deg/C-350/spl deg/C] on the array of sensor. The gas sensor read-out(More)
Single-cell experiments represent the next frontier for biochemical and gene expression research. Although bulk-scale methods averaging populations of cells have been traditionally used to investigate cellular behavior, they mask individual cell features and can lead to misleading or insufficient biological results. We report on a single-cell(More)
Quality control utilising Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points in the dairy industry generates a large volume of samples. The associated costs are significant. The development and application of fast, sensitive and cost effective analytical systems for pathogen detection in milk could aid the industry in the reduction of overheads, find new uses in(More)
This work presents the design and fabrication of novel piezoelectric polymer-FET touch sensing devices. With thin piezoelectric polymer (PVDF-TrFE) film directly spun and processed in situ on the gate area of MOS transistor, the device can also be called as POSFET (Piezoelectric Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) touch sensing device. The integral(More)
This article proposes a smart watch for the recognition of gestures with objects. The watch is designed to embed different kinds of sensors enabling several functionalities: the recognition of tagged objects by means of RFID technology; the recognition of gestures of the forearm using inertial sensors; the recognition of fingers gestures, hand gestures and(More)
—This work presents and experimentally evaluates novel POSFET (Piezoelectric Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) devices based tactile sensing arrays. The arrays, primarily developed for the robotic applications, consist of 5 x 5 POSFET touch sensing devices or taxels. The POSFET touch sensing devices are developed by spin coating piezoelectric(More)
Monitoring the bioelectrochemical activity of living cells with sensor array-based microsystems represents an emerging technique in a large area of biomedical applications, ranging from basic research to various fields of pharmacological analyses. The main appeal is the ability of these miniaturised microsystems to perform, in real time, non-invasive(More)
Transmission line equivalent model for lossy piezoelectric polymers and its SPICE implementation are presented. The model includes the mechanical/viscoelastic, dielectric/electrical and piezoelectric/electromechanical losses, in a novel way by using complex elastic, dielectric and piezoelectric constants - obtained from measured impedance of PVDF-TrFE(More)