Leandro Lopes

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Distributed software development presents several characteristics that differentiate from co-located software development. Currently, one of the main difficulties imposed by geographically distributed software teams is the requirements engineering process. Traditional approaches to requirements process don't cover the fundamental difficulties of dispersion,(More)
Requirements specification is an important phase of the requirements engineering area in the software development process. In geographically distributed environments, this phase becomes critical due to the characteristics of the distributed development (physical and temporal distance, cultural differences, trust, communication, etc). The objective of this(More)
Odontomas are the most common benign tumors of odontogenic origin. They are normally diagnosed on routine radiographs, due to the absence of symptoms. Histopathologic evaluation confirms the diagnosis especially in cases of complex odontoma, which may be confused during radiographic examination with an osteoma or other highly calcified bone lesions. The(More)
Fouling is one of the main problems in the operation of heat exchangers since it reduces the heat transfer efficiency. In industrial practice therefore these equipment have to be periodically removed for cleaning. The availability of fouling monitoring methods supports decision making concerning the periodic cleaning and therefore can reduce operational(More)
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