Leandro L. Batista

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We report a rare case of craniofacial arteriovenous metameric syndrome (CAMS) 3 arteriovenous malformations of the mandible, left VIII nerve and petrous bone. The patient, a 19-year-old girl, presented with profuse gingival bleeding during a dental procedure and we diagnosed CAMS 3 during a pre-embolisation angiogram. The distribution of the vascular(More)
SUMMARY This is an unusual case report of an infant, who initially presented with a facial haemangioma and was later diagnosed to have a dural sinus malformation (DSM) involving the torcula. The DSM increased in size lateralising to the right transverse sinus at three months of age. Postnatal enlargement of the dural sinus has not been described before(More)
We report a case of symptomatic symmetrical, bilateral absence of the cavernous internal carotid (ICA) and transdural vertebral artery (VA) segments with formation of a rete mirabile. There have been similar reports in Asian patients; ours is the first in the Western population. A 29- year-old woman presented with recurrent temporary blindness and an(More)
SUMMARY The purpose of the paper is the follow-up of embolised intradural saccular Arterial Aneurysms (AA), excluding giant, dissecting, inflammatory, fusiform or AA associated to BVAM. Since its introduction in 1991, the Guglielmi Detachable Coil has offered protection against aneurysmal rebleeding in the critical few days and months after SAH regardless(More)
This paper describes a solution on heuristic evaluation for HCI (human-computer interaction) that has been applied in commercial websites usability intervention.It is a practical experience report of the efficient use of HCI (human-computer interaction) that has been received enthusiastically by the market. Its relevance comes from the combination of(More)
SUMMARY We describe the case of a three-year-old Danish boy born at term by Cesarean due to cardiac insufficiency in the last trimestre of intra-uterine life for which he is being treated with cardiac drugs. At birth, he was noted to have bilateral ocular malformations on the upper eyelids, and diffuse scalp lipoma and alopecia. Due to the retarded growth(More)
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