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Three new species of Melanophryniscus are described from the Serra do Mar mountain range of the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. All species are found at intermediate to high altitudes and share phytotelm-breeding as their reproductive strategy. The new species are distinguished from other phytotelm-breeding Melanophryniscus based on different(More)
Proximal colorectal cancer may arise from sessile serrated adenomas (SSAs). Recognition of these lesions during colonoscopy can optimize the endoscopic approach. We aimed to identify specific endoscopic features of SSA with conventional colonoscopy. Patients undergoing screening colonoscopies from January 2011 to September 2012, in whom colonic polyps were(More)
BACKGROUND Conjunctival amyloidosis is a very rare condition, generally unilateral, and presents mostly as an isolated condition without systemic compromise. Our purpose is to present a new case of systemic amyloidosis with a bilateral conjunctival involvement. CASE PRESENTATION A 66-years-old caucasian female complaining of conjunctival hemorrhage and(More)
Mountains of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest can act as islands of cold and wet climate, leading to the isolation and speciation of species with low dispersal capacity, such as the toadlet species of the genus Brachycephalus. This genus is composed primarily by diurnal species, with miniaturized body sizes (<2.5 cm), inhabiting microhabitats in the leaf(More)
Metagenomics is an emerging field in which the power of genome analysis is applied to entire communities of microbes. It is focused on the understanding of the mixture of genes (genomes) in a community as whole. The gene prediction task is a well-known problem in genomics, and it remains an interesting computational challenge in metagenomics too. A large(More)
a Department of Morphology, School of Dentistry, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil b School of Dentistry, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil c Department of Stomatology, School of Dentistry, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil d Department of Restorative Dentistry,(More)
As metabolism is controlled by the input of genes and the environment, metabolic disorders result from some disturbance in the interaction between genes and environmental factors. Many metabolic disorders consist in congenital enzyme deficiencies, also known as "inborn errors of metabolism," that may be disabling or cause severe illness and death and are(More)
The eye and skin may offer critical clues to the diagnosis of a varied spectrum of metabolic diseases from endocrine origin and their different stages of severity, such as diabetes mellitus and Graves disease. On the other hand, such entities may compromise the eye and visual function severely, and awareness of these possible associations is an important(More)