Leandro Cardoso Gomide

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the epidemiology of and surgical results from treating elbow fracture-dislocations, including only the cases in which dislocation is associated with fracture of the coronoid process and the radial head (terrible triad). METHODS Nineteen patients were evaluated: 12 males and 7 females. The medical records were analyzed to gather data(More)
OBJECTIVE To perform a retrospective epidemiological study of radiographs in order to evaluate the relationship between the anatomy of the scapula and the development of rotator cuff injuries (RCIs). METHODS This study retrospectively evaluated the relation of the critical shoulder angle (CSA) and RCIs from January 2011 to November 2013; patients were(More)
The number of shoulder arthroscopy procedures is increasing and, because of this, the frequency of related complications is also increasing. This report presents a case of third-degree burn from an electrosurgical pad during this procedure and serves as an alert regarding the possible causes and how to try to prevent this rare, but possible complication.
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