Leandro Araújo Silva

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Social media systems allow Internet users a congenial platform to freely express their thoughts and opinions. Although this property represents incredible and unique communication opportunities, it also brings along important challenges. Online hate speech is an archetypal example of such challenges. Despite its magnitude and scale, there is a significant(More)
Recently, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of anonymous social media sites like Whisper and Secret. Unlike traditional social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, posts on anonymous social media sites are not associated with well-defined user identities or profiles. In this study, our goals are twofold: (i) to understand the nature(More)
We investigated the differences in the resting state corticolimbic blood flow between 20 unmedicated depressed patients and 21 healthy comparisons. Resting state cerebral blood flow (CBF) was measured with H(2)(15)O PET. Anatomical MRI scans were performed on an Elscint 1.9 T Prestige system for PET-MRI coregistration. Significant changes in cerebral blood(More)
The use of the audit database is a common practice adopted by the Information Technology teams as a way to monitor the routine of database users, in order to verify failure, use and etc. In Computer Science courses, on the other hand, the audit configuration in issues that involve database can register the student information during class. This article(More)
This paper proposes the use of Self-organizing Maps, as an Exploratory Data Analysis tool for supporting findings and diagnoses on school performance , focusing on the analysis of cognitive tests capable to measure the development of interations between school performance, word recognition and reading. Resumo. Este artigo propõe o uso de Mapas(More)
Social media platforms provide an inexpensive communication medium that allows anyone to quickly reach millions of users. Consequently, in these platforms anyone can publish content and anyone interested in the content can obtain it, representing a transformative revolution in our society. However, this same potential of social media systems brings together(More)
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