Leandra Mosca

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C oronary heart disease (CHD) is the single leading cause of death and a significant cause of morbidity among American women. 1 Risk factors for CHD in women are well documented. 2 Compelling data from epidemiological studies and randomized clinical trials show that CHD is largely preventable. Assessment and management of several risk factors for CHD are(More)
The EDELWEISS experiment has improved its sensitivity for the direct search for WIMP dark matter. In the recoil energy range relevant for WIMP masses below 10 TeV/c 2 , no nuclear recoils were observed in the fiducial volume of a heat-and-ionization cryogenic Ge detector operated in the low-background environment of the Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane in(More)
The first stage of a next-generation long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment is proposed to explore the physics beyond the Standard Model. The experiment will use the high intensity proton beam from the JHF 50 GeV proton synchrotron (JHF PS), and Super-Kamiokande as a far detector. The baseline length will be 295 km. The beam power of JHF PS is(More)
The EDELWEISS collaboration has performed a direct search for WIMP dark matter using a 320 g heat-and-ionization cryogenic Ge detector operated in a low-background environment in the Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane. No nuclear recoils are observed in the fiducial volume in the 30-200 keV energy range during an effective exposure of 4.53 kg·days. Limits for(More)
This paper presents our interpretation and understanding of the different backgrounds in the EDELWEISS-I data sets. We analyze in detail the several populations observed, which include gammas, alphas, neutrons, thermal sensor events and surface events, and try to combine all data sets to provide a coherent picture of the nature and localisation of the(More)
The combined analysis of the final event set of data on neutrino interactions inside the detector, upward going stopping muons and horizontal muons recorded in the Fr6jus experiment is presented. The absolute atmospheric neutrino spectra in the energy range 320 MeV < E~ < 30 GeV for electron neutrinos and 250 MeV< E,, < 10 TeV for muon neutrinos are(More)
The EDELWEISS collaboration is searching for WIMP dark matter using natural Ge cryogenic detectors. The whole data set of the first phase of the experiment contains 4.8 kg.day of data on 73 Ge, the naturally present (7.8%), high-spin Ge isotope. The sensitivity of the experiment to the spin-dependent WIMP-nucleon interactions is evaluated using the(More)
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Defaults effects can be created by social contexts. The observed choices of others can become social defaults, increasing their choice share. Social default effects are a novel form of social influence not due to normative or informational influence: participants were more likely to mimic observed choices when choosing in private than in public (experiment(More)