Leandra Bucher

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Human embryo lung cells pretreated with a combination of human leukocyte interferon and acyclovir were infected with human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and treated daily for 14 days with the same inhibitor combination. After removal of the inhibitors, the incubation temperature was maintained at either 37 or 40.5 degrees. Incubation of infected cells at 37(More)
A popular view in philosophy of science contends that scientific reasoning is objective to the extent that the appraisal of scientific hypotheses is not influenced by moral, political, economic, or social values, but only by the available evidence. A large body of results in the psychology of motivated-reasoning has put pressure on the empirical adequacy of(More)
This study investigates how judgments of explanatory power are affected by (i) the prior credibility of a potential explanation, (ii) the causal framing used to describe the explanation, and (iii) the generalizability of the explanation. We found that the prior credibility of a causal explanation plays a central role in explanatory reasoning: first, because(More)
Explanation is a central concept in human psychology. Drawing upon philosophical theories of explanation, psychologists have recently begun to examine the relationship between explanation, probability and causality. Our study advances this growing literature at the intersection of psychology and philosophy of science by systematically investigating how(More)
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