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We investigated the effects of contingent reinforcement (Intervention 1) and contingent reinforcement with modeling (Intervention 2) on speaker and listener behaviors in 5 people with severe dementia. Intervention 1 generally increased listener behavior; there was no clear effect on tacting, but echoic behavior increased in the one case investigated. Given(More)
Cloud storage services are not secure by nature. There is an inherent risk of (a) data exposure (confidentiality), (b) data tampering (integrity) and (c) denial of access to data (availability). We provide a service-oriented solution for provisioning secure storage service in the hybrid cloud environment, called Trust Store. The system is suitable to(More)
Motor Vehicle Theft (MVT) in Australia is as a serious problem with high social and economic costs. MVT is neither unique nor random, but rather tends to be unevenly distributed and has a spatial-temporal pattern. This study assesses and explains the spatio-temporal distribution of MVT within metropolitan Adelaide based on MVT incidences that occurred in(More)
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