Leah Zorrilla

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Sixteen individuals presenting with seizures in a rural village of Peru were screened for antibodies to Taenia solium, and those willing to attend were offered a complete neurological work-up including EEG and cerebral CT scan in a reference center. Seroprevalence using immunoblot was 35% (5/16). Eight individuals came for examination. CT scans were(More)
The dynamic muscle function of the shoulder in 26 patients (10 males, 16 females) who underwent a pedicled or free vascularized latissimus dorsi muscle transfer between 1985 and 1991 (mean follow-up, 4.4 yr) was studied. Instrumented muscle testing was performed on the Kinetic Communicator machine (Kin Com) and the Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment (BTE) work(More)
The present studies investigated the hypothesis that TGFbeta plays a role in mediating LH/hCG-induced maturation, ovulation and/or luteinization of follicles in the pig. In Experiment 1, the temporal and spatial gene expression patterns of TGFbeta signaling components were examined in pig follicles which had been induced to ovulate and luteinize in vivo by(More)
Introduction Treatment adjustments in Parkinson's disease (PD) are in part dependent on motor assessments. The aim of this study was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of home-based motor monitoring plus standard in-office visits versus in-office visits alone in patients with advanced PD. Methods The procedures consisted of a prospective, one-year(More)
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