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The purpose of the present study was to analyze the thyroid cancer incidence risk after the Chernobyl accident and its degree of dependence on time and age. Data were analyzed for 1034 settlements in Ukraine and Belarus, in which more than 10 measurements of the (131)I content in human thyroids had been performed in May/June 1986. Thyroid doses due to the(More)
BACKGROUND A determination of the risk of lung cancer at low levels of radon exposure is important for occupational radiation protection. METHODS The risk of death from lung cancer at low radon exposure rates was investigated in the subcohort of 26,766 German uranium miners hired in 1960 or later. RESULTS A clear association between lung cancer(More)
Occupational exposures to ionising radiation mainly occur at low-dose rates and may accumulate effective doses of up to several hundred milligray. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the evidence of cancer risks from such low-dose-rate, moderate-dose (LDRMD) exposures. Our literature search for primary epidemiological studies on cancer(More)
Data from the German miners' cohort study were analysed to investigate whether radon in ambient air causes cancers other than lung cancer. The cohort includes 58,987 men who were employed for at least 6 months from 1946 to 1989 at the former Wismut uranium mining company in Eastern Germany. A total of 20,684 deaths were observed in the follow-up period from(More)
BACKGROUND In 1996 and 2009, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified silica as carcinogenic to humans. The exposure-response relationship between silica and lung cancer risk, however, is still debated. Data from the German uranium miner cohort study were used to further investigate this relationship. METHODS The cohort includes 58677(More)
MOST PATIENTS undergoing mastectomy for what appears to be local breast cancer subsequently die from disseminated disease, suggesting that metastases are present at the time of initial surgery. Systemic therapy given as an adjuvant to surgery may be beneficial (Bonnadonna et al., 1976) but patients can only be selected for treatment by imprecise prog-nostic(More)
PURPOSE To determine the effect of eye dominance on the nature of perceived eye contact and perceived eye misalignment. METHODS In this experimental study, strabismic and nonstrabismic human subjects over the age of 18 were assessed for strength of eye dominance, being classified as either weakly or strongly dominant. They were asked whether they(More)
The incidence of B cell leukaemia in 186 consecutive untreated patients with histologically defined B cell neoplasms is described. The lymphomas were classified by the Kiel convention. B cell leukaemia in the context of this paper refers to the situation where a neoplastic clone of B cells in the blood greatly outnumbers normal blood B cells. It is defined(More)
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