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Helicobacter pylori persistently colonizes the human stomach, with mixed roles in human health. The CagA protein, a key host-interaction factor, is translocated by a type IV secretion system into host epithelial cells, where its EPIYA tyrosine phosphorylation motifs (TPMs) are recognized by host cell kinases, leading to multiple host cell signaling(More)
This report demonstrates a case of a fully developed aortic arch syndrome with an unusual lack of symptoms. A sufficient collateralisation and nearly free cerebral vessels were hiding the clinical manifestations of arteriosclerosis for a long time. Besides the diagnostic maneuvers the operative therapy is shown during which a short, acute circulatory(More)
In a prospective study 30 patients with high operative risk in vascular surgery underwent preoperative phlebotomy. Blood loss during operation could be replaced by bank autologous blood. The clinical data during and after operation are compared with the data of a control group. The use of banked autologous blood does not even endanger patients with poor(More)
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