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of multimodal systems from the ground up (see articles by Cohen and McGee and Pieraccini et al. in this section). This article discusses six main categories of guidelines and represents a preliminary effort to establish principles for multimodal interaction design. A more detailed discussion of these guidelines will be available in [6]. Requirements(More)
This effort focused on developing EEG-derived indicators of verbal versus spatial working memory load. A wireless EEG headset acquired data during execution of both simple and complex tasks associated with a Tactical Tomahawk Weapons Control System (TTWCS). The results established the feasibility of characterizing EEG correlates specific to verbal and(More)
The vast amount of information available through the Web has made it difficult to retrieve information relevant to a specific task. To help ensure that users' interactions with a system are successful, preparation of content and its presentation to users must take into account (a) what information needs to be extracted, (b) the way in which this information(More)