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Four arginaseless mutants of Neurospora crassa have been isolated. All carry mutations which lie at a single locus, aga, on linkage group VIIR. A study of aga strains shows the arginase reaction to be the major, perhaps the only, route of arginine consumption in Neurospora other than protein synthesis. Ornithine-delta-transaminase, the second enzyme of the(More)
As prior fracture is consistently associated with increased risk of subsequent fracture, subjects with a history of prior fracture represent a high risk group which should be targeted for intervention to reduce future fracture rates. The aim of this study was to investigate whether prior osteoporotic fracture affected treatment patterns among subjects(More)
The authors' report observations on 79 cases of esophagovariceal bleeding in which ten cases were subjected to an intrathoracic tourniquet maneuver of increasing intrathoracic pressure. All esophagovariceal bleeding ceased following the maneuver. An established maneuver safety limit (holding mean transmural CVP to no higher than 4.0 cm H2O) insured cardiac(More)
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