Leah M. Adams

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Despite the increased attention that researchers have paid to social anxiety disorder (SAD), compared with other anxiety and mood disorders, relatively little is known about the emotional and social factors that distinguish individuals who meet diagnostic criteria from those who do not. In this study, participants with and without a diagnosis of SAD(More)
OBJECTIVES To reduce fires and fire related injuries by increasing the prevalence of functioning smoke alarms in high risk households. SETTING The programme was delivered in an inner London area with above average material deprivation and below average smoke alarm ownership. The target population included low income and rental households and households(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the research productivity, and its impact, of individuals awarded research scholarships from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) with that of a parallel group of unsuccessful applicants during the funding years 1980/81 to 1989/90 inclusive. Research productivity was defined as the number of peer reviewed publications, and(More)
This study examined parental relationship quality, friendship quality, and depression as mediators of the association between child maltreatment (CM) and adolescent suicidal ideation (SI). Participants were 674 adolescents (46% female; 55% African American) involved in the Longitudinal Studies of Child Abuse and Neglect (LONGSCAN). Data were collected via(More)
Individuals cycling in and out of the criminal justice system are at high risk for contracting HIV/AIDS. Most infections are contracted in the community, not during incarceration, but little is known about the profile of risk behaviors responsible for this elevated infection rate. This study investigated pre-incarceration and post-release HIV risk behaviors(More)
The present study explored the relationship between borderline personality disorder (BPD) features and preincarceration HIV risk behaviors in a sample of 499 (70% male) jail inmates, as well as gender differences in these associations. Elevated levels of BPD symptomatology were present among male and female participants, though there was considerable(More)
This study examined five areas of Arab parent involvement in elementary schools in an urban Midwestern district using structured surveys of Arab (n = 45) and non-Arab (n = 87) teachers and interviews of 39 first-generation Arab mothers. Factor analysis, a statistical approach used to analyze and explain the interrelationships among a large number of(More)
A growing literature attests to deficits in social and romantic life quality in people with elevated social anxiety, but no research to date has explored how intense intimate encounters influence social anxiety symptoms. This study investigated whether the presence and quality of sexual activity on a given day predicted less social anxiety and negative(More)
Preliminary evidence suggests that 3 hours of behavior therapy can reduce fear responses to phobic stimuli. Most of this research, however, has relied on self-reports and clinician assessments, and failed to include a comparison group. To extend this literature, with 32 adults with spider phobia, we investigated the effects of a single hour of in vivo(More)
Theories of health behavior change suggest that perceived susceptibility to illness precedes health-protective behavior. We used a cross-lagged panel design to explore the relationship between perceived susceptibility to AIDS, and HIV risk behavior pre-incarceration and post-release in a sample of 499 jail inmates, a group at high risk for HIV. We also(More)