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OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical course of varicella-zoster optic neuropathy preceding acute retinal necrosis in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. DESIGN Case series. SETTING Two tertiary care centers in San Diego, Calif, and London, England. PATIENTS Three human immunodeficiency virus-positive men with previous cutaneous zoster(More)
Psychoendocrine and behavioural effects elicited by viewing an exciting and partly violent movie were studied in 12-year-old boys (n = 42). The boys were divided into three groups. Group A (n = 13) consisted of boys scoring below the median value on the Sennton neurotic scale for vegetative and anxiety symptoms. Group B (n = 13) consisted of boys scoring(More)
The effect of a 75-hour vigil on the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), i.a., was studied in two experiments with 63 healthy male volunteers. The ESR was increased at the end of the vigil compared with pre-exposure values. The increases did not correlate significantly with concomitant changes in serum triglycerides, free fatty acids, cholesterol or(More)
Sleep in the nursing home environment is extremely fragmented, possibly in part as a result of decreased light exposure. This study examined the effect of light on sleep and circadian activity rhythms in patients with probable or possible Alzheimer's disease. Results showed that both morning and evening bright light resulted in more consolidated sleep at(More)
OBJECTIVE Preliminary data suggest that morning bright light might improve symptoms of agitation, a serious problem in patients with dementia. The authors expand on an earlier pilot study by evaluating the effect of bright light therapy on agitated behavior in a large sample of patients with severe dementia. METHODS Ninety-two patients were randomly(More)
Psychoendocrine and metabolic effects of social isolation and understimulation in real life were examined in a controlled study of 60 elderly people representative of their age group. Together with the staff and the elderly, a social activation program was formed at a senior citizen apartment building. Half of the elderly were part of this activation(More)
Immunologic effects of unemployment were prospectively studied in women over a period of 8 months. Subjects were classified into three groups depending on their employment history, and were studied concomitantly. Group A consisted of unemployed women who were recipients of traditional support from the Swedish welfare state. Group B was composed of(More)
Circadian rhythms in urinary catecholamine excretion, performance and self-ratings were studied in two experiments with a total of 29 subjects who were deprived of sleep for 72 hr. Adrenaline excretion and fatigue ratings showed the most consistent circadian variations; noradrenaline and performance rhythms were more irregular. The average crest phase for(More)