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Reports of low-quality pharmaceuticals have been on the rise in the past decade, with the greatest prevalence of substandard medicines in developing countries, where lapses in manufacturing quality control or breaches in the supply chain allow substandard medicines to reach the marketplace. Here, we describe inexpensive test cards for fast field screening(More)
Noxiptilin (Elronon) proved to be a good bipolar thymoleptic agent in the clinical test at 3 special clinics. Its stimulating effect on the psychomotor function is more pronounced than its sedative action. Therefore, in cases with the anxious, agitated depressive syndrome the additional therapy with a neuroleptic agent or a sedative tranquilizer may be(More)
The efficacy of lithium treatment in preventing relapse in phasal psychoses was tested by the re-examination of 99 patients at a Dresden clinic whose treatment had on average exceeded ten years. Results and progress were compared with those of patients starting treatment since the introduction of the lithium treatment in the year 1979. Phase or subphase(More)
Pimozid (R 6238 Janssen, Beerse), a neuroleptic similar to the Butyrophenon type has a 24-hour period of effect due to the substance, and was used from 1969 onward on a total of 39 patients, predominantly from the range of schizophrenia types. The objective of thus clinical study was, above all, to plot the extent of its effects, define the optimal range of(More)
BACKGROUND This study was conducted to assess the efficacy and acceptability of using a multi-level pregnancy test (MLPT) combined with telephone follow-up for medical abortion in Tunisia, where the majority of providers are midwives. METHODS Four hundred and four women with gestational age ≤ 70 days' LMP seeking medical abortion at six study sites were(More)
The psychotropic preparations developed and introduced in recent years are discussed in the form of a synoptical paper. The information given mainly concentrates on the attempts to find antidepressants without cardiotoxic side-effects, psychoneuroleptics without extrapyramidal side-effects and long-acting or depot preparations. The survey is restricted to(More)