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BACKGROUND Accuracy of abstracts representing original research articles is imperative since these are readily available and biomedical literature readers may not have access to the full-text article. Furthermore, previous reports document discrepancies in published original research abstracts compared with the full-text article. OBJECTIVE To determine(More)
PURPOSE Allergy alerts within a computerized prescriber-order-entry (CPOE) system were analyzed. METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed to evaluate inpatient CPOE orders that triggered an allergy alert for one month in November 2007. Data were extracted from a computer-generated report to identify the total number of prescription orders and the(More)
PURPOSE The impact of a hospital initiative to reduce staff needle-stick injuries and overall insulin costs by switching from use of insulin vials to use of insulin pens for treatment of inpatients was evaluated. METHODS An interchange program entailing a switch from vial-and-syringe insulin administration to insulin delivery via prefilled injector pens(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether transporting insulin aspart FlexPens via a pneumatic tube system affects the dosing accuracy of the pens. METHODS A total of 115 Novo Nordisk FlexPens containing insulin aspart were randomly assigned to be transported via a pneumatic tube system (n = 92) or to serve as the control (n = 23). Each(More)
The use of the monoclonal antibody OKT3 for induction immunosuppression in renal transplantation is increasing--however, the safety of intraoperative administration continues to be questioned because of first-dose effects. The current study was designed to examine the effects of intraoperative administration of OKT3 on the cardiovascular and pulmonary(More)
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