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AIM This paper is a report of a literature review to explore issues influencing condom use in heterosexual adolescents and young people. BACKGROUND Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a major international health issue and adolescents and young people are particularly vulnerable. Efforts to address the rapid spread of STIs have largely focused on(More)
Rapid social change has seen increasing numbers of woman-headed single-parent families, meaning that more and more children are growing up without a father resident in the home. Father absence is a term that is not well defined and much of the literature does not discriminate between father absence due to death, parental relationship discord or other(More)
Changes in family structures have resulted in many children growing up in non-traditional families, where their father is not resident in the family home. Father absence that occurs as a result of the breakdown of the parental relationship is associated with life adversity and less than optimal outcomes for children and adolescents. However, little research(More)
A 2-year action-research project aiming to facilitate the management of change was carried out in a district general hospital. Hospital managers and senior ward nurses had very different views concerning the source of challenges and problems within the hospital organization. A case-study of nurses' experience of change at ward level was produced as part of(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study of sexually active young women's experiences of negotiating condom use both before and after diagnosis of a sexually transmitted infection. BACKGROUND The male condom is the most efficient method in preventing and reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. However, condom use can be hindered by(More)
Sexually transmitted infections have long been associated with stigma and stereotypes due to their very nature. Throughout history sexually transmitted infections have been associated with female prostitution and deviant immoral behaviour making women who contract these infections particularly vulnerable to being stigmatised and stereotyped. Although the(More)
Stories convey values and emotions, and can reveal the differences and similarities between people's experiences. Elucidating personal stories involves sharing which can help form bonds and supportive networks. With reflection, these can help to develop resilience. While the literature recognises the potential cathartic and therapeutic benefits associated(More)
BACKGROUND Over recent decades, there has been considerable research and debate about essential features of advanced nursing practice and differences among various categories of advanced practice nurses. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to derive an integrative description of the defining characteristics of advanced practice nursing through a meta-summary of(More)
AIM This article is an exploration of young women's experiences of having a sexually transmitted infection. BACKGROUND Sexually transmitted infections are prevalent worldwide and have serious physical and psychological sequelae. Although some aspects of having sexually transmitted infections have been identified in the literature, the stigmatised nature(More)
OBJECTIVE Father absence is associated with negative child and adolescent outcomes, including early sexual activity, teenage pregnancy, behavioural difficulties and life adversity. However there is a lack of literature that explores the lived experiences of daughters who grew up in father absent environments. This study aimed to generate insights into the(More)