Leah Anderson

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Lipolysis is an important process determining fuel metabolism, and insulin regulates this process in adipose tissue. The aim of this study was to investigate the long-term effects of insulin, an insulin enhancer (rosiglitazone [RSG]), and insulin in combination with RSG on the regulation of lipolysis and lipogenesis in human abdominal subcutaneous fat.(More)
While the Cell Transmission Model (CTM) is generally accepted as a standard representation of traffic flows on freeways with long links and uninterrupted flows, less is known about the accuracy of CTM or other macroscopic queueing models on urban road networks with short links and frequent flow blockages due to signal control. In fact, almost all existing(More)
The distinct gender-specific patterns of fat distribution in men and women (android and gynoid) suggest a role for sex steroids. In keeping with these observations, it has been suggested that estrogens can promote preadipocyte cell proliferation and/or differentiation. The enzyme aromatase P450 is responsible for the conversion of androgen precursor(More)
Motorized floating sensors have distinct advantages over their non-actuated counterparts. A motorized unit can prevent the sensor from washing ashore or heading into dangerous areas, expanding the mission regions in which they can be feasibly operated. In this article, we present a control framework and describe the physically realized system used to prove(More)
This work describes a type of distributed feedback control algorithm that acts on a vertical queueing network where flow dynamics may greatly outpace the rate of feedback and actuation. The modeled network has a known, finite set of feasible actuations for the binary controllers located at each network node. It also has known expected demands, split ratios,(More)
Advanced monitoring and control of arterial road traffic network operations requires accurate knowledge of current and predicted performance measures on the network. Recently studied signal control algorithms, for example, use the lengths of vehicle queues for each turning movement to determine how subsequent signal cycles should be distributed into phases.(More)
The feasibility of drifter studies in complex and tidally forced water networks has been greatly expanded by the introduction of motorized floating sensors. This paper presents a method for such motorized sensors to accomplish obstacle avoidance and path selection using the solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman-Isaacs (HJBI) equations. The method is then(More)
Global warming is an established issue in society and, with grid computing systems continuously growing in power consumption levels, conserving energy is of utmost importance. Geographically extensive systems in particular are beginning to be in high demand and are given tasks which are computationally intensive and include large data sets. Grids allow the(More)
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