Lea Trujillo

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This article reviews 22 studies that test a variety of interventions to decrease AIDS stigma in developed and developing countries. This article assesses published studies that met stringent evaluation criteria in order to draw lessons for future development of interventions to combat stigma. The target group, setting, type of intervention, measures, and(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES A survey was conducted to determine the sexual behavior practices and prevalence of HIV-1, HTLV-I/II, and T. pallidum infections among unlicensed female sex workers (FSWs) in Lima, Peru. GOAL OF THIS STUDY To assess the role of unlicensed FSWs as a potential source of retroviral and T. pallidum infection. STUDY DESIGN Female(More)
Emergency department free-text chief complaints (CCs) are a major data source for syndromic surveillance. CCs need to be classified into syndromic categories for subsequent automatic analysis. However, the lack of a standard vocabulary and high-quality encodings of CCs hinder effective classification. This paper presents a new ontology-enhanced automatic CC(More)
A phase III clinical study was carried out among 534 fertile Latin American women to evaluate cycle control, side effects, and contraceptive efficacy of a once-a-month combined injectable, Mesigyna, consisting of 50 mg norethisterone enanthate and 5 mg estradiol valerate. The pregnancy rate at 1 year was 0 per 100 woman-years for a total experience of 4688(More)
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