Lea Schwedhelm

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The incorporation of oral rehydration solutions (ORS) into 'milk meals' is potentially an effective, time-saving method of treating diarrhoeic calves. Although milk-based ORS are effective in improving the hydration and acid-base status of healthy calves, this effect remains to be confirmed in dehydrated/diarrhoeic animals. In this study, six(More)
Many diarrheic calves suffer from metabolic acidosis, which is commonly treated by oral rehydration therapy. Oral rehydration solutions can be prepared in water, milk, or milk replacer. Therefore, the aim of the study was to verify dietary effects of water- or milk replacer-based oral rehydration solutions on parameters of acid-base balance in calves with(More)
In case of diarrhea calves are treated with oral rehydration solutions (ORS), which are known to increase abomasal pH and inhibit milk clotting in vitro. Nevertheless, recent studies have shown that ORS with HCO3(-) ≤ 62 mmol/L do not interfere with abomasal milk clotting in healthy calves. However, in diarrheic calves, feeding ORS and milk simultaneously(More)
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