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In the present study, intracortical communication between mid/anterior insular and motor cortex was investigated during a fatiguing cycling exercise. From 16 healthy male subjects performing a constant-load test at 60% peak oxygen consumption (VO(2peak)) until volitional exhaustion, electroencephalography data were analysed during repetitive, artefact-free(More)
We investigated the influence of spinal opioid receptor-sensitive muscle afferents on cortical changes following fatiguing unilateral knee-extensor exercise. On separate days, seven subjects performed an identical five sets of intermittent isometric right-quadriceps contractions, each consisting of eight submaximal contractions [63 ± 7% maximal voluntary(More)
In this study, we investigated central/supraspinal processes mediating cessation of a muscle fatiguing exercise. Fifteen male subjects performed 39 intermittent, isometric handgrip contractions (13 s on, 5-6 s off) with the dominant right hand while brain activation was assessed by means of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). An adaptive, partly(More)
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