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Many different bacterial species have the ability to cause an infection of the bovine mammary gland and the host response to these infections is what we recognize as mastitis. In this review we evaluate the pathogen specific response to the three main bacterial species causing bovine mastitis: Escherichia coli, Streptococcus uberis and Staphylococcus(More)
Neutral endopeptidase 24.11 (NEP) inhibitors are known to have vascular, diuretic, and natriuretic effects that may be helpful in the treatment of congestive heart failure (CHF). Most NEP inhibitors may act principally through intrarenal mechanisms, which are not completely understood. The purpose of this study was to determine the principal renal effects(More)
Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF) is increased in depression and clinical-trial evidence indicates that blocking peripheral TNF has some antidepressant efficacy. In rodents, peripheral or intracerebroventricular TNF results in sickness e.g. reduced body weight, altered emotional behavior and impaired memory. However, the underlying pathways and responsible(More)
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