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2-Cysteine peroxiredoxins (2-CysPrxs) are ubiquitous and highly abundant proteins that serve multiple functions as peroxidases, chaperones, and thiol oxidases and in redox-dependent cell signalling. The chloroplast protein plays a role in seedling development and protection of the photosynthetic apparatus. This study aimed to unequivocally link conformation(More)
Extracts of glioblastomas and meningiomas were analysed by quantitative immunoelectrophoresis for the presence of foetal brain antigens and tumour-associated antigens, and levels of 2 normal brain-specific proteins were also determined. The following antibodies were used: monospecific anti-S-100 (glia specific); monospecific anti-GFA (glial fibrillary(More)
Cerebrospinal fluids from patients with neurological diseases have been studied. It appeared that the detectability of immunoglobulin G subclasses 1, 2, 3, 4, and the occurrence of oligoclonal bands in the IgG region increased with increasing concentration of IgG in the spinal fluid. No specific pattern emerged in the different disease groups. Formula: see(More)
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