Lea Cloninger

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Mothers with mental illnesses, who are homeless, as well as their children, are highly vulnerable and need specialized services. This retrospective study describes the experience of the Thresholds Mothers' Project in serving 24 homeless mothers. Benchmarks suggest that the mothers and their children benefited from the program. A year after intake, 79% were(More)
Little is known about sleep problems in persons with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. The article reports a study that assessed quantitative and qualitative aspects of sleep in a group of men and women with HIV infection and examined sleep parameters in regard to the degree of immune function. The convenience sample of 50 persons was drawn from(More)
Narcolepsy is a neurologic condition that is chronic and lifelong. The study reported describes the experience of living with the most prevalent symptoms of narcolepsy and the management strategies employed for those symptoms by persons with narcolepsy. Descriptions of living with excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep attacks, and cataplexy are given.(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined the extent to which the stress paradigm linking psychosocial stressors to mental health status has focused disproportionate attention on microlevel social stressors to the detriment of macrolevel stressors. Also, we assessed the effects of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, on subsequent mental health among participants in a(More)
The United States has been experiencing the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression. This article presents the Life Change Consequences of the Great Recession (LCCGR), an instrument depicting work and personal life-related stressors reflecting the enduring effects of the Great Recession. A national sample of 663 respondents completed a mail(More)
A prevalence study of 2072 male US shipboard military personnel scheduled for deployment to South America/West Africa and the Mediterranean was conducted to determine whether serologic evidence of prior hepatitis A, B, or C infection is associated with exposure in foreign countries. There were 210 subjects (10.1%) who had antibodies to hepatitis A virus(More)
Increasing evidence exists that suggests associations between mental illness, homelessness, and criminal activity and arrest. This article describes a program for identifying and providing treatment and housing for homeless mentally ill veterans detained at the Cook County Jail in Chicago. Preliminary data are provided describing characteristics of the(More)
Research has demonstrated effects of 9/11 on distress and drinking outcomes in individuals directly affected and indirectly affected across the United States. Fewer studies have addressed vulnerability and protective factors shown to moderate the effects of stress exposure. We report findings from a Midwestern workplace cohort study. Respondents to a 6 wave(More)
A survey of 188 NLN-accredited graduate nursing programs was done to determine how the research roles of principal investigator (PI), co-principal investigator (Co-PI) and co-investigator (Co-I) are supported and to examine the similarities and differences in benefits for PIs, Co-PIs and Co-Is. Most schools did not provide salary supplementation in addition(More)
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