Lea Bonnington

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To monitor the Fc glycosylation of therapeutic immunoglobulin G in bioprocess development, product characterization and release analytics, reliable techniques for glycosylation analysis are needed. Several analytical methods are suitable for this application. We recently presented results comparing detection methods for glycan analysis that are(More)
Oxidation of methionine (Met) residues is one of several chemical degradation pathways for recombinant IgG1 antibodies. Studies using several methodologies have indicated that Met oxidation in the constant IgG1 domains affects in vitro interaction with human neonatal Fc (huFcRn) receptor, which is important for antibody half-life. Here, a completely new(More)
High-molecular weight aggregates such as antibody dimers and other side products derived from incorrect light or heavy chain association typically represent critical product-related impurities for bispecific antibody formats. In this study, an approach employing ultra-pressure liquid chromatography size-exclusion separation combined with native electrospray(More)
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