LeRoy Winemberg

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Aging of transistors has become a major reliability concern especially when the VLSI circuits are in the nanometer regime. In this paper, we propose a novel methodology to address circuit aging in the field. On-chip aging sensor is designed to monitor transitions on functional paths capturing functional mode workload. Path delay is then accurately measured(More)
This work studies the potential of capturing customer returns with models constructed based on multivariate analysis of parametric wafer sort test measurements. In such an analysis, subsets of tests are selected to build models for making pass/fail decisions. Two approaches are considered. A preemptive approach selects correlated tests to construct(More)
In a market where quality requirements are extremely high; the ultimate goal is to improve test quality and reduce the occurrence of test escapes. A customer return is a test escape which passes all tests but fails in the field. This paper analyzes seven lots of parametric wafer probe test data, where each lot contains one customer return. We ask a(More)
This work proposes a wafer probe parametric test set optimization method for predicting dies which are likely to fail in the field based on known in-field or final test fails. Large volumes of wafer probe data across 5 lots and hundreds of parametric measurements are optimized to find test sets that help predict actually observed test escapes and final test(More)
With technology scaling, the deviation between predicted path delay using simulation and actual path delay on silicon increases due to process variation and aging. Hence, on-chip measurement architectures are now widely used due to their higher accuracy and lower cost compared to using external expensive measurement devices. In this paper, a novel(More)
As process technology further scales, aging, noise and variations in integrated circuits (ICs) and systems become a major challenge to both the semiconductor and electronic design automation (EDA) industries, which may cause significantly increased mismatch between modeled and actual silicon behavior, and even IC failure in field. Therefore, the addition of(More)
High test quality can be achieved through defect oriented testing using analog fault modeling approach. However, this approach is computationally demanding and typically hard to apply to large scale circuits. In this work, we use an improved inductive fault analysis approach to locate potential faults at layout level and calculate the relative probability(More)