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The sexual reproduction of annual and perennial Zostera marina was investigated in Moon Lake, Shandong, China. Based on the disturbance and stress regimes, the Z. marina beds were classified into five types: intertidal annual (IA) and perennial (IP) eelgrass patches, subtidal patch area (PA), meadow margin (MM) and meadow center (MC). Seed dispersal was(More)
We have synthesized novel crystalline ropes of "polygonized" single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). The tubes exhibit rounded-hexagonal cross sections in contrast to the earlier observations of nearly circular tubes. To investigate the structural characteristics of the lattice of SWCNTs we have performed extensive molecular-dynamics simulations. We find(More)
Topologically modeled amorphized silica structures have been refined using a molecular dynamics simulation technique. Several metastable structures with substantially different medium-range connectivities, as characterized by primitive ring statistics, were obtained. Whereas the total correlation function is insensitive to these differences, the first step(More)
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