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Introduction of neomycin-resistance into a marine-derived, wild-type Penicillium purpurogenum G59 resulted in activation of silent biosynthetic pathways for the secondary metabolite production. Upon treatment of G59 spores with neomycin and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), a total of 56 mutants were obtained by single colony isolation. The acquired resistance of(More)
Copy number variations (CNVs) are one of the major sources of human genetic diversity and are associated with rare genomic disorders as well as complex traits and diseases. A copy number variation was observed at the D8S1179 locus during routine STR based parentage testing, in which the child exhibited three alleles, "13, 15, 16", with the putative father a(More)
The present study aims to develop five Gram-negative bacteria expressing bacterial luciferase for use to evaluate the influence of different antibiotics on bacterial bioluminescence. The pBBR-lux plasmid was introduced into five Gram-negative bacteria; the bioluminescent signals and colony-forming unit (CFU)/ml of all the bioluminescent strains were(More)
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