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Objective. To compare ultrasound-guided miniscalpel-needle (UG-MSN) release versus ultrasound-guided dry needling (UG-DN) for chronic neck pain. Methods. A total of 169 patients with chronic neck pain were randomized to receive either UG-MSN release or UG-DN. Before treatment and at 3 and 6 months posttreatment, pain was measured using a 10-point visual(More)
This paper proposes a low-power inverter-based chopper instrumentation amplifier (IA) for ECG applications. A capacitively-coupled topology with chopper is employed while a two-stage inverter-based amplifier serves as the gain stage. Pseudo resistors are introduced to stabilize the output common-mode voltage of the amplifier and an improved switch-capacitor(More)
BACKGROUND This study sought to statistically map the neck disability index (NDI) to the six-dimension health state short form (SF-6D) to estimate algorithms for use in economic analyses in patients with chronic neck pain (CNP). METHODS The relationships between NDI and SF-6D scores were estimated by using data from a cohort of patients with chronic neck(More)