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Aim at the influence of the weather factor upon the road vehicle, this paper puts forward a kind of a weather identifying system vehicle video image. The system needs to initialize an original background image which is the brightest on the average in the first period of time. The background image is renewed not only when the bright degree of next frame(More)
In this paper, we develop an efficient technique for fully automatic recovery of accurate 3D face shape from videos captured by a low cost camera. The method is designed to work with a short video containing a face rotating from frontal view to profile view. The whole approach consists of three components. First, automatic initialization is performed in the(More)
This paper presents a realistic visual speech synthesis based on the hybrid concatenation method. Unlike previous methods based on phoneme level unit selection or hidden Markov model (HMM), etc., the hybrid concatenation method uses a frame level-based unit selection method combined with a fused HMM, and is able to generate more expressive and stable facial(More)
Driver's fatigue detection has been realized based on driver's mouth geometrical features. It can give some information when driver is fatigue. For better speed and reliability, a new method which was based on combined Adaboost algorithm and particle filter was applied. Then the mouth verification was applied according to prior knowledge. Driver's state was(More)
A solution phase-based nanocapsule method was successfully developed to synthesize non-platinum metal catalyst-carbon supported Ag nanoparticles (Ag/C). XRD patterns and TEM image show Ag nanoparticles with a small average size (5.4 nm) and narrow size distribution (2-9 nm) are uniformly dispersed on the carbon black Vulcan XC-72 support. The intrinsic(More)
Realistic audio-visual mapping remains a very challenging problem. Having short time delay between inputs and outputs is also of great importance. In this paper, we present a new dynamic audio-visual mapping approach based on the Fused Hidden Markov Model Inversion method. In our work, the Fused HMM is used to model the loose synchronization nature of the(More)
This paper proposed a robust framework of detecting the real-time queuing and dissipation of a vehicle queue by two cameras, one fixed at the front of the stop line and the other somewhere behind the stop line, jointly monitoring the interested region with opposite and long-range views. Firstly, the position changes of the tail and head of a vehicle queue,(More)
By vehicle presence detection and movement analysis on the monitored region based on video processing technology, a real-time robust detection method of vehicle queue and dissipation is proposed in this paper. With a duplex flexible window fused with the Haar feature based AdaBoost cascade classifiers, the method can efficiently track the position changes(More)
Road intersections are important components of urban road system. It is the traffic flow characteristics representing the current traffic situation that provide a basis for the planning, designing and management of intersections. In this paper, we constructed an automatic processing framework on traffic flow characteristics analysis and understanding the(More)